Ben Raskin
CSA Network UK Director / CSA Network UK/Soil Association

CSA Network UK

I’ve worked with Tracy through my involvement both at the Soil Association and with the CSA Network UK. Tracy is a clear thinker and great communicator. She has a passion for sustainable food and farming but does not let that get in the way of finding practical solutions. Tracy understands the detail but can see beyond that to think strategically.

Sheila Cooke


Tracy is intelligent, thoughtful, conscientious, practical, and collaborative. She is focused on making her contribution for the good of all.

Claudia Meinicke
Senior Academy Coordinator / IFOAM Academy


The Organic Leadership Course in 2013 was an eye-opening experience and meeting Tracy was inspiring both professionally and personally. Not only is she using her media skills to spread the organic / sustainable lifestyle in local and national issues via her writing, but she is also a mother and woman who is following her dreams and aspirations.