Kingfisher Encounter

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20170827_194406.jpgI’m a liveaboarder (I live aboard a narrowboat) on the Oxford canal. For a few days in August my children had seen out of the kitchen window a flash of iridescent blue. I told them it must be a Kingfisher flying past the boat on his way to catch fish for his breakfast.A couple of days later I found myself alone for the day, children away and husband at work. I decided to walk to the local village for a coffee, but I also set the intention in my mind to see that Kingfisher for myself. It was a warm, breezy day so on my return to the boat I opened the hatch in my kitchen and sat reading next to the opening with a clear view of the canal. About an hour after first sitting down I heard that shrill high pitch call of the Kingfisher traveling down the canal towards me.

To my amazement the little bird came to rest exactly opposite me on a concrete plinth jutting out from the adjacent bridge. Not only did he sit there, he proceeded to spend ten minutes flitting into the water just in front of me, catch a fish then return to the plinth to swallow it down whole.

I will never forget that experience, it will forever be etched in my memory. It is a memory which makes me smile, makes me appreciate the amazing wildlife we have living all around us and reminds me that wishes can come true.

I truly believe that regular contact with wildlife, such as this, offers us humans enriching encounters which are to the benefit of our mental wellbeing.

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