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Remembering my Irish Smallholding
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Having spent four years away from my Irish smallholding I’ve been thinking about what it meant to be a smallholder. Of course I had many occasions when people assumed the smallholding was the ‘hobby’ of my husband. Having worked & studied in the … Read More

Korea Trip 
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Earlier this year I was delighted to be chosen to participate in the first IFOAM Organic Leadership master class in South Korea. As soon as I entered the country I fell in love with South Korea. Although I visited a few months … Read More

Western Riding at Loose Reins 
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Back in September a friend asked me to go horse riding. I used to go horse riding a lot when younger, but since the menieres I lost my confidence, worried I’d just slip off the side of the horse due … Read More

Kingfisher Encounter
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I’m a liveaboarder (I live aboard a narrowboat) on the Oxford canal. For a few days in August my children had seen out of the kitchen window a flash of iridescent blue. I told them it must be a Kingfisher … Read More

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